How Not Using Document Management System Affects Your Efficiency?

How Not Using Document Management System Affects Your Efficiency?
In 29 March 2018 - Written By

Any organization success is based on a number of factors that include how much the employees recognize the time wise and cost wise of the enterprise, and of course, the paper-based organization who doesn’t use document management system really recognize such factors.

So, in the following, iDOX will tackle how much your enterprise is negatively affected by the paper-based processes and the lack of using document management system:

  • The physical search process takes too much time as the traditionally filled files are subject to be misfiled what will surely prevent you from achieving more and that’s why you need to use document management system,
  • Not using document management system will make processes like getting approval for a specific document get into a traditional chain where the document gets into a workflow to be reviewed by numerous employees to get approved in the final, and in case that one employee of the chain was absent, the approval will be held till he gets back from his vacation which is really a time wasting,
  • You might take days searching for a document or a paper that is actually was mistakenly thrown in the garbage, in case of not using document management system and it will end up with you recreating it again,
  • In case of disasters, your whole company important documents and papers will be lost forever and the only solution is to recreate them all again what will subject you to a huge loss.

Digitizing your enterprise workflow processes will no doubt prevent you from facing the above situations.

iDOX is the document management system you need to digitize your company.