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Documents Management System


Documents Management System is a comprehensive desktop and Web Based system built on Microsoft .Net Technology.

iDOX enables you to track, monitor and manage documents from anytime anywhere.

iDOX DMS streamlines and automates all your documents management process right from easy creation, storage, retrieval to tracking of changes and retirement.
iDOX DMS helps to automates Business processes that are not well documented and executed in an ad hoc manner.

Organizations now can benefit from reduced operational costs and improved productivity by regularizing the exchange of critical business document management between different inter and intra organizational elements.

iDOX facilitates definition of the organizational structure, business rules and policies, repositories servers and employees. Multiple repositories can be defined in a single repository server and different folder structures can be created in each repository.

DMS automates a complete document life cycle that encompasses creation, storage, retrieval and retirement. This application facilitates automatic versioning with every check-in and check-out of documents. The user can view the entire document history, retrieve older versions of the document and compare two versions of a single document through a single interface.

Document management system facilitates tracking of changes on published documents through electronic change requests. The Product supports advanced search facility based on criteria such as Meta and content, supporting both permanent destruction and archival of unused documents.

iDOX DMS thus helps in reducing cost on paper & stationery and minimizes the risk of delay in request approval process with an inbuilt robust work flow.