What Differs iDOX than any other DMS?

What Differs iDOX than any other DMS?
In 24 December 2017 - Written By

iDOX is an electronic document management system that aims to spread environmental awareness by helping people stop using papers raising “Go Green” slogan.

But, what makes it different than the numerous document management systems out there?

Well, iDOX offers some advantages that you might not easily find in the other DMS such as:

It’s a Multi-Platform:

Whatever the platform you use in your company, iDOX will adjust.

Being a Multi-Platform system makes it suitable for web-based, windows, and smartphone users.

It’s a Multilingual System:

Whether you’re preferring to use it in Arabic or English, it’s available in both languages.

Cross-Platform Integration:

iDOX Integrates with:

  • Microsoft Office Programs,
  • Active Directory,
  • Built-in Script.


With iDOX, you can let the admin be updated with any changes get done in the system. For example, the admin can get notifications whenever any employee adds, modifies, or deletes any document in the system. Also, they will be notified when a document expires.

iDOX also is a corporate supporter of Trees for Life and WeForest to keep life green.