5 Creative DIY Items Using Office Supplies Once You Go Paperless

5 Creative DIY Items Using Office Supplies Once You Go Paperless
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It’s always a good idea to reuse office supplies once your office has an electronic document management system. iDOX Document Management System is used by small and large organizations throughout Middle-East and our sales and support team have often been asked by many clients on how to dispose with the paper and other office supplies.

There are some simple creative DIY items that your employees can create using those leftover office supplies. You will actually end up having some awesome decorations in your office and these items would reflect creativity of your employees. Let’s take a look at 5 creative DIY items you can create using office supplies when you go paperless using iDOX document management software.

Ruler Pencil Holder:

Many offices have rulers for performing day to day activities on paper using pen/pencil. When your office gets the iDOX DMS, this is one office supply that becomes useless. You can simply apply some creativity and create a pencil holder using the rulers.

ruler - pencil holder aqua


Crayon Painting

Crayons might not be commonly used in offices however they are quite common in creative departments of an organization. Even after implementing a document management system crayons from other departments become useless so here is an interesting idea. Melt the crayons and create a painting.



Binder Clips or Cord Holders?

Offices that handle a high volume of paper documents use clip binders to hold those documents in order. However, when your office gets iDOX electronic document management system these binder clips just lie around waiting to be disposed. Here is an interesting idea, convert them into cord holders for your laptop, tablet and smartphone.



Paper Stock Lanterns

Paper stock is another common office supply used extensively and on a daily basis. They come in different colors and patterns. Their cost is relatively higher as compared to plain paper so we recommend not disposing it but using it in a creative way to make paper lanterns. Get your creative department, working on this simple, amazing and beautiful idea and decorate your office.

paper lamps


Sticky Note Calendar

Sticky notes are among the most extensively used office supplies and exist in every office. Even after the implementation of iDOX document management software many offices still use sticky notes but in lesser number. So what to do with all those excess sticky notes lying around? Here is what we recommend, make a sticky note calendar and add birthdays of your employees on it.



There are a lot of other amazing creative ideas that you can play around with, using your office supplies and create amazing decorations. Don’t put all these office supplies in a basket when your organization gets iDOX DMS, rather make creative use of it.

For more interesting information and creative ideas stay tuned to iDOX blog. Do sent us your comments and suggestions and don’t forget to get your copy of online demo today.


When your organization implements a document management system the stationary in your office becomes redundant because all paper based items are now handled by your DMS. The best way to use the stationary is to create simple office decoration out of it rather than wasting them. These simple DIY items include pencil holder, crayon painting, cord holders, paper lanterns and sticky note calendar. Create these easy DIY items and decorate your office once you go paperless with iDOX DMS.