Archiving and Document Management

Archiving and Document Management
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Because of the current development of technology in every field, we tend to replace using papers and documents in companies with the electronic documents. For example, replacing the old methods of data archiving that requires a large storage, a great effort, and a long time. However, the electronic archiving may saves that time and effort.

Electronic archiving means converting documents/papers to electronic documents with a safe and a secure factor so that we will be able to reach them easily whenever needed . In addition, it is worth mentioning that we can make this conversion using the scanner.

In the following few lines, IDOX will tackle the most important factors that should be considered while archiving:

  • Old papers and documents should be treated carefully as it may get cutting while scanning,
  • We shouldn’t keep these important documents in just one computer but we can have a backup in another external hard,
  • Protecting these documents and the computer with a strong password.

Methods of Electronic Archiving

  • Scanning for documents and papers,
  • Retrieval of electronic documents,
  • Conversion for Images.

How to Choose the Appropriate Application for Archiving

  • Search for a good price as there are a lot of archiving applications that are too expensive,
  • Look for an application that is easy to use,
  • The ability of scanning the images,
  • Search for an application that has the power to let many users reach the network at the same time.


The usage of electronic archiving is one of the most important factors in any company that aims for success and glory.