Importance of Implementing Audit Trail System

Importance of Implementing Audit Trail System
In 1 March 2017 - Written By

As a business owner, you need to give more care to document audit trail to be able to trace every transaction occurs in any enterprise’s workflow in order to catch errors and guarantee efficiency of work, know which process that needs enhancements and updates, and be aware of every detailed deal that happens in the company.

iDOX provides an audit trail system that enables you to know the history, the destination, and the source of your documents. Also, it enables you to supervise the revision of the documents that made by every individual user to catch errors.

Why to Implement Document Audit Trail in Your Company?

Audit Trail System Provides:

  • IIS: Or what is called as Internet Information Server. It is a web server that is created by Microsoft and characterized by its speed and safety,
  • SQL: Or what is known as Structured Query Language. It is the standard language that is used to deal with the database,
  • Audit Files: Which is designed to manage, control, and audit your documents,
  • Audit Service: Which will enable you to be aware of the destination of your documents, observe the updates, and control the unauthorized access,
  • Web Browser,
  • File Server.


Implementing an audit trail system in your organization, will extract the errors and the weaknesses of the workflow and will recommend better methods for performing such activities more effectively.