Wrong Beliefs about Records Management:

Wrong Beliefs about Records Management:
In 26 October 2017 - Written By

As we tackled before the importance of “ Records Management ” and how it will help in promoting your business and increasing your profit, in this article iDox will tackle some of the wrong beliefs that most organizations have and shall avoid it regarding record management systems.

  • Record every data: Of course, it is vital to have a record for your data to save it from loss and know everything about your workflow, but you shall be aware that there are unimportant data that shall not be recorded. For instance, the personal communication, discussing plans for a fun day or an outing, etc., definitely there is no need to archive such data,
  • Keep the records forever: Even if it is vital to keep the records, it is not logical to keep all the data forever. Only the critical one shall be kept and any other trivial thing shall be removed to save the storage space,
  • The inactive records will not be used again: This is absolutely wrong as there is information that shall be kept even if it is not active and not used currently. For instance, the information of former employees, clients, etc.

To conclude, it is vital to be on the line and update your business via using the recommended management systems, but you have to be aware and use the one that suits you the most and do not depend on the beliefs of others.