Cementing Higher Education Information Structure Using DMS

Cementing Higher Education Information Structure Using DMS
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Higher education is one industry that sees a huge traffic of paper based documents globally. Every higher education institution whether in United States of United Arab Emirates faces the problem of dealing with such huge amounts of paper.

Paper documents are generated from different sources however they end up in back offices, administrative department, admission offices, accounts department and controller examination office.

Higher Education & Challenges With Administrative Costs

In recent years the number of students has dramatically increased and so has the paper documentation. As such many higher institutions are now strategizing information and documentation structure by moving towards electronic document management systems.

Let’s take a look at some examples of how institutions can benefit from using the document management system in different departments.

Accounts Department – Fee Collection

Historically the accounts department has witnessed paper documentation in the form of receipts, ledgers and bills. Much inefficiency has caused this department administrative cost to exceed substantially. Moreover students have complained massive delays in fee processing.

A university in the United States implemented electronic document management system and was able to increase efficiency by several folds and eliminate paper documents almost completely. This helped the university cut their administrative costs by half.

Admissions Department – Application & Past Academics Documents

Although admissions department in many universities globally implemented electronic application systems; previously the scenario was different as paper based applications were used. Imagine a university getting 100,000 applications each year, all in paper format.

The workforce and storage required to handle all these documents were immense. Since the start of electronic application system which can essentially be classified as document management solution this problem has been resolved.

Student Services – Scholarship / Financial Aid Applications

Every year thousands of students apply for financial aid and this specific office see a large surge of documents in the form of support documents that can range from motivation letters to employer recommendation to utility bills and tax information for supporting the need for financial assistance.

A lot of institutions in United States & Middle-East have started using electronic document management system whereby they receive all types of documents in image/pdf from and store it in the repository with proper indexing and Meta description. In a survey reported in the Middle-East it was reported that irregularities and inefficiencies were reduced by 63%. Moreover the cost benefit the department received by 51% more than when there was no document management system.

iDOX Document Management System is being extensively used throughout the Middle-East and many higher education institutions are opting for implementing a document management system that can help them reduce inefficiencies and irregularities while decreasing the administrative costs.

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Higher Education in any country always has a high volume of paper documents because of the applications, exam papers and other financial documents. Paper documents take up a lot of space and thus a document management solution is required to structure the higher education system. All documents are loaded onto the DMS application and your institution becomes automated and paperless.