Choose between File Sharing and ECM

Choose between File Sharing and ECM
In 5 September 2016 - Written By

Every business gives the higher priority to more than one thing including: best quality, customer satisfaction, sufficiency of work, and increasing profit. These four elements form the main core of any business.

However, there are two types of businessmen: the first one, is the one who does not want to pay for anything while being able to get it for free and the other one who does not mind to pay as long as he will gain the required success as planned. That’s why iDox will tackle two important terms or techniques that shall be known for any business owner. These two methods are: file sharing and enterprise content management system.

1- File Sharing Services

To tackle and mention file sharing systems, we will talk about file sharing services like Dropbox, Google Docs, Box, and others. It is worth to mention that some businessmen prefer such file sharing services as it a collaborative system or service that all the employees can work on. Also, it is for free, saves time, and shareable.

File sharing services ease the communication between the employees as files and documents can be shared easily which consequently accelerate the workflow and of course will affect and increase the company’s profit.

2- Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management in general or document management system in particular is that effective way of managing and controlling documents. Even if it is not free like other file sharing services but it has other lots and lots of capabilities. ECM enables the employees to store, index, search, and retrieve documents whenever needed. It is more secure via providing individual access. Also, the system can detect who viewed the document, who made a certain change, and in which timing exactly. Unlike the file sharing services that allow an access to everyone without monitoring them.


Both file sharing services and document management systems are two important methods of improving the sufficiency of the work. However, as a business owner, you shall know the pros and cons of each type before choosing it.