Common beliefs about online technology and document management Q & A: Part 1 

Common beliefs about online technology and document management Q & A: Part 1 
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In the following selection of questions, iDox will explain the common and the most frequently asked questions regarding online technology, enhancing business productivity, document management system, and many others.


Q: What is more important for business enhancement; external or internal document-handling?

While tackling the ways to improve any business, it is vital to know that managing the whole lifecycle of a document, needs to use both external and internal handling. External document handling simplifies the way of communication between the client and the company. It eases the way through having a version control and a change-tracking technology which is a time-saving editable version. However, internal document handling participates in increasing the collaboration among the employees and eases the workflow as every relevant employee knows where the document is at any time.


Q: Does Document Management System have an impact on employee’s Mobility and Efficiency? 

Yes, document management system plays a great role in improving the employee sufficiency and productivity. It optimizes the workflow process, saves time, and enables the employee to work from anywhere efficiently and competitively.


Q: Is there is a need to cope with the new trend of using “Mobile Document Management”? 

“Digitalization” is the essence of everything, nowadays. The business owner, the employees, the clients, and the co-workers used to use mobile phones and tablets in managing and doing the work instead of using papers or even sitting in front of desktops for a long time to finish the work. The mobile-friendly feature is an important one and it also gives a good impression with the clients.


Q: Will “Document Management System” fit small business and lessen stress?

Document management system is a vital system in handling all kinds and sizes of business; a big or a small one. However, it is preferred to use DMS in small businesses; specifically. As the employees in small business are multi-tasks and handle a lot of responsibilities so, every single seconad is totally vital and valuable and there is no time to search for a certain paper or a document.



Every business owner seeks to increase the productivity of the work besides, offering a qualitative type of services to target a wider range of clients. So, it is important to be on the track and use modern technologies and softwares to ease the work.