Comparison between Agile and Waterfall Software Techniques

Comparison between Agile and Waterfall Software Techniques
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To skin and develop a certain software for any project, there are two different methodologies or techniques that can be used for developing software which are Agile and Waterfall.

Choosing between these two techniques depends on the type of the project itself. In the following few lines, iDox will tackle in details the difference between Agile and Waterfall and also the pros and cons of each type.

1- What is the Technique of Waterfall Software ?

Waterfall is such technique or way that is used to develop any software via following and sticking to specific sequential steps or processes. These steps are: analyzing, planning, designing, and building, then testing and deploying. Waterfall abide the methodology of sequence. It means that once a step has been completed, one can go to the next step. This means that every process depends on the previous and each step is important to be done to be able to continue.

The Pros of Waterfall

  • Being a sequential process allows the client to know, expect, and define a final vision or idea about the program (in the end) and also knowing the costs,
  • It is considered as a good documentation for each project,
  • It is better to be used when there is an absolute clear idea about the product.

The Cons of Waterfall

  • If there is any change that needs to be done, the whole steps shall be done all over again from the beginning as it is a sequential process,
  • The testing step is at the end, so if there is an error or something it will affect the whole project heavily,
  • There is no place for client’s changing needs.

2- What is Agile Technique?

Agile is the other technique for software development. Unlike the sequential steps of Waterfall technique, Agile is an incremental design process. Here, the focus is on the principles rather than the process or the step. Also, Agile uses the approach of “Testing” after finishing a bulk of work unlike the Waterfall that tests at the end. Agile is used when the scope of the project is a changeable one, production is important than quality, and there is not a specific image about the final product.

The Pros of Agile

  • It allows you to add changes whenever needed,
  • The “Testing” process reduces the error factor or rate,
  • It allows the clients to add their feedback.

The Cons of Agile

  • There is not a specific plan. That’s why, the final results may be totally different from what was initially intended,
  • There is not documentation.


Waterfall and Agile are two variable approaches for software development. One shall decide and choose the right methodology between them according to the type of the product itself and of course after knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each type.