Deep Approach about Web Applications

Deep Approach about Web Applications
In 30 May 2016 - Written By

Over the past 10 years, web has indulged in each and everything in our daily life. Businesses need to communicate, market, exchange, and expand their range via using any available means and channels. Business owners need to increase the traffic and the engagement for their websites. From this point of view, the need for having a web application to ease the process became a vital need. In the following few lines, iDox will give you a quick hint about web applications and its importance.

What is Web Application?

It is a customized programmable service that is used to submit or extract data from an online database. In other words, it is a user-service software application which the user runs in a web browser. It is any application that depends on the user’s interaction to edit, add, or even extract data. For example, Google Docs is a clear example that shows the meaning of web application. By using it, the user can edit, add, and retrieve data whenever needed and of course from anywhere. Also, there are many clear examples including: webmail, Gmail, wikis, Google maps, and many others.


There are lots and lots of benefits and advantages of web applications including:

  1. Accessibility: It can be accessed easily from anywhere without any need to install additional software or program to run it
  2. Low-cost: it does not require any additional fees to have and access such software
  3. Security
  4. Flexibility and customized-application: It is an easy-customized application rather than the desktops’ ones


  1. Multiple web applications can be accessed from the same website
  2. Many interactive functions can be done


In a nutshell, everything goes online nowadays and people used to use the internet and browsing to ease their work. Web application is a clear example of such development as it allows the user to access, edit, and retrieve the needed data.