Deep approach about automated Web Governance

Deep approach about automated Web Governance
In 22 March 2016 - Written By

The core of any business is to maintain and manage the employees, the clients, systems, policies, and procedures involved within the work itself, that’s why, the need to have and abide what is called “Automated Web Governance” aroused to neglect the manual work and accelerate the work process and its quality.

Automated Web Governance is the way to manage the contact between you and your clients and stakeholders –digitally– as having a “website” is no longer the only platform for such digital contact. Mobile applications and business profiles are examples of the new way of communication. That’s why it is vital to do a good job and transfer the job into an automated one to cope the trend.

However, Web Governance is defined as the system or the structure that helps the organization to produce a high-quality and friendly-user websites. As, it is important for the organization to have a good framework and policies to manage the work in a total effective way, besides monitoring and enforcing a variety of concerns like: privacy, accessibility, brand integrity and site quality.

In the next few lines, iDOX will tackle with you the important information that shall be know about “Automated Web Governance”.

1- Web Governance is not Web Management: People used to mingle between these two concepts. Management is for running things while Governance is for running these things in the right direction. In other words, Web Management is about all the tasks that go to run the website including posting new articles, updating something, and so on. On the contrary, Web Governance is all about the policies and the procedures that indicate how the management shall be applied and performed.


2- The importance of Web Governance: There are main responsibilities that Web Governance can offer including:

  • High quality web user experience
  • Privacy
  • Accessibility
  • Brand Integrity and Site Quality


3- What Web Governance can offer to the user?

  • Maintain consistent messaging
  • Optimize the website for the users
  • Monitor the website performance
  • Ensure quality content
  • Delegate tasks

4- Tasks that can be controlled via Web Governance:

  • Leadership
  • Development
  • Maintenance
  • Infrastructure



It is important to manage and maintain your work in a way that gives you the ability to control everything. Web Governance is one of the valid options that allow you to do so.