Document Capture: Why to use it?

Document Capture: Why to use it?
In 6 March 2017 - Written By

What is meant by Document Capture?

It’s the ability to convert any physical document, character, and paper into digital format “digitizing”. Enterprises tend to use document capture in order to preserve their valuable documents.

Also, it allows you to access the documents easily and find it quickly while searching.

Document Capture Phases of iDOX:

  1. The Scanning Phase: Scanning is the process of converting the documents, papers, and contracts into digital copies,
  2. The Saving Phase: It’s the process of saving the scanned documents in different digital formats,
  3. OCR Phase: It’s a software that’s enables you convert the handwriting texts and images to digital copies,
  4. The Indexing Phase: Indexing makes the documents organized, and easy to be retrieved.