Document Management System Vs. Knowledge Management System

Document Management System Vs. Knowledge Management System
In 8 March 2016 - Written By

There is a usual overlap between these two definitions: Document Management System (DMS) and Knowledge Management System (KMS). That’s why, most of us used to feel confused while comparing and defining these two scopes. So, in the following few lines we will illustrate the differences between them.

Document Management System is that vital part while trying to transform your work from a paper-based documentation into a paperless-based one. It assists in publish, storage, and retrieval documents. Besides, it usually includes certain functions like: capturing, classification using metadata, indexing, searching, versioning, administration and security.

So, Document Management System -mainly- concentrates on how, you as a business owner can find, retain and reuse the files where your data are stored. That’s why, it is considered as one of the best ways to improve work productivity.

Moreover, DMS provides an automating tool for the information governance strategy and also managing the whole work-cycle of a document.

However, Knowledge Management System has a wider scope that goes beyond the notion of Document Management System that aims to manage and retain different types of organizational knowledge. The main goal of KMS is to improve work internal communication to ease the process of sharing expertise. So, what is needed here for a good effective Knowledge Management System is knowledge base, wiki, document library, and search tool to facilitate and ease the workflow and get benefits from previous work.

Besides, it is important to state that Knowledge Management is not something trivial or even secondary. It is a mandatory part in solving problems. It is about the “way” we solve problems. So, it is important to tie KMS into the workflow to gain perfect outcomes.

However, it shall be known that KMS saves time; in case you need to search about something or a problem that happened before. Also, KMS is considered as the suitable platform to manage the knowledge-driven websites.


As a business owner who needs to improve his work in a total sufficient and effective way, you have to integrate both Document Management System and Knowledge Management System to improve the productivity of your organization.