What about Electronic Report Management?

What about Electronic Report Management?
In 10 July 2017 - Written By

As the rhythm of life is too quick and smartphones invade our daily life and it becomes something essential, so such development shall be reflected and applied in our work also to guarantee delivering a perfect service with a good quality that gains customer’s satisfaction. Consequently, this will increase the productivity which will be translated practically to “profit”.

So, iDox will tackle something called “Electronic Report Management” and how this can enhance your work.

The Cycle of Report Management System

Before stating the pros of report management system, one shall know how it works or it goes. There are scanners to capture, index, and archive the documents. After digital capturing, the documents can be easily stored, printed, previewed, retrieved, etc.

Pros of Report Management System

  • Version Control: there is a feature that can be an advantage which is that the authorized users/ employees can access the documents and retrieve it as previously the companies used to suffer from tracking and controlling paper documents,
  • Electronic Report Management allows you to search and retrieve the needed data easily. This of course saves a lot of time,
  • Save money that is wasted in having filling cabinets to store the documents. So, going paperless will save your money. However, the cost of scanning (being paperless) is less in compare to relying on documents.

To conclude, Report Management System is something essential that may enhance the sufficiency of your work.