By the End of 2017: Going Paperless Time has to come

By the End of 2017: Going Paperless Time has to come
In 27 November 2017 - Written By

Have you gone paperless yet?

Here’s come to the end of 2017 and some companies are still a paper-based company!

Peculiar isn’t it?

iDox is an electronic document management system that aims to save greenery, trees, plants, and life of course.

Actually, going paperless will not only save greenery, it’ll save your business first.



  • Using papers in documents wastes money, instead, using digital documents will reduce this cost and save much money for your company,
  • As for the security, digital documents are much safer as you can manage who can reach these documents and apply changes to it,
  • Needless to say that digitizing your company documents will increase the efficiency productivity, and profitability of your employees as well as the efficiency of your whole company,
  • Using electronic documents will enable you to easily edit and update your documents anytime with a mouse click.
  • Such great system needs to be fast. So, yes, iDox decreases the time you spend on creating a paper document, searching for it, archiving, or updating it.

 Before the start of 2018: Make Your Organization Paperless With iDOX.