Enterprise Records Management: New Scope of Archiving

Enterprise Records Management: New Scope of Archiving
In 20 February 2017 - Written By

The main goal behind managing any enterprise or company is to reach the highest profit as possible. But, the question is: how this can be achieved among the lots of hassle and papers? So, the default answer is to organize the workflow to get good results. This will save lots of the wasted time and effort in searching and finding a certain info (or data).

Consequently, here comes the need for something that allows the owner to manage the records or the documents. In other words, a document management software (DMS) or an electronic archiving system with security, full accessibility, and maintenance that enhance the way of managing the data perfectly. So, in the following, we will tackle the functionality of iDox and why we all shall “go paperless”?

iDox: a New shape of e-Archiving (EDMS)

  1. With iDox, you can manage and determine the data that needed to be sorted, searched, etc.
  2. Ability to determine the suitable action for a certain date; like print, retrieve, or export, etc.
  3. Storing all the data and information in one place,
  4. Keeping the important data secure,
  5. Ability to manage the authority of each user.


To guarantee managing your work, documents, and records sufficiently, iDox offers an organized archiving solution that changes the traditional scope of using papers and reduces the risk of retrieving data manually.