eRecord Management Solutions

eRecord Management Solutions
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Today, the world witnesses a great technological revolution which includes different management systems as the daily transactions in private enterprises or in government agencies grows rapidly. eRecord Management is considered one of the most important pillars of this revolution because of its role for improving Managerial performance.

What is Record?

Record could be defined as all papers, documents, images, contracts, transactions of institution and this definition illustrates the importance of saving privacy of these records. So it can be considered that each record is a document, but not every document is a record.

eRecord solutions are responsible for maintaining all types of records during their life cycle, it also set a timetable to get rid of them after a specified time.

Electronic records management is based on the two basic functions:

  1. Establishing a central point for all records for easily access to any record by authorized users.
  2. Possibility of getting rid of records after a specified period.


Difference between document and records management

Some persons can’t determine the difference between document management and eRecords management systems due to their common functions.
Many Document management systems may include eRecords management functions but the difference is still clear between them where document management systems enable users to share documents while the records management systems keep the papers and archived documents for a limited period then get rid of them. Records management systems also create stronger controls to guarantee protection for all types of records.

eRecords management features:

  • Manage all files and all records types.
  • Providing adequate security.
  • Arranging records into categories based on the business activities.
  • Monitoring each record use by authorized users.
  • Generating periodic reports about records.
  • Retention of the records for a specific time.


We can now determine the importance of eRecords management, its definition and features. We also can determine the difference between electronic records management and document management simply to choose the best management solution which complies with customers.