Friendly UI, Work Efficiency, and User Engagement

Friendly UI, Work Efficiency, and User Engagement
In 18 April 2016 - Written By

Nowadays, everything goes online and using the smartphones and tablets become the prominent dominant trend. However, it is not only for entertainment, it also vital for workflow and increasing the sufficiency of work. The software of the smartphone and its applications shall be that friendly to the users; meaning easy to be understood and used. That’s why, any business will get benefit from this feature as the mission of any business or company is to gain a high rank and to be used heavily among the users.

In the following few lines, iDox will tackle what is meant by a friendly user interface (UI) and its relationship with workflow sufficiency and increasing the users’ engagement.

1-What is meant by Friendly User Interface?

It is term that is used to describe a software or an application that is easy to use. It is shall be easy to be learnt, used, and understood.

2-What is the main Features or Characteristics for having a Friendly UI?

  • Simplicity
  • Useablity
  • Well-Organized
  • Responsive
  • Functionality

3-What is the core of any Friendly UI?

People tend to search for the “eye-catching and user-friendly” applications when they decide to use a certain software. That’s why, it is vital to bear in mind the design, the functionality, and the efficiency of the software before designing and applying it. It does not matter how fabulous the design is when the user find himself lost to figure out how to move and navigate to another web page. It is important to design the interface in a way that is familiar to users. Besides, avoid adding extra unnecessary features. As “keeping simple” is the key beyond the success of any application which of course affects work productivity and increases the users’ engagement.


In a nutshell, it is vital to gain a good user experience and make the user feel comfort while using the application or the software. So, having and designing a friendly user interface is one of the vital things that has a great impact on increasing the engagement of the users and the sufficiency of the work which of course increases work productivity.