Healthcare Automation With Document Management System

Healthcare Automation With Document Management System
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Every patient, doctor, nurse and other medical personal in any hospital are extensively involved with documents. You will find thousands of documents in the form of patient history files, forms, receipts, lab test reports, insurance details and other diagnosis reports.

In the past, doctors and patients faced many difficulties due to incomplete patient histories.

In the recent Middle East Healthcare summit held at Shangri-La, Dubai (26-28 October 2014) [1] discussion regarding the latest developments in healthcare information systems took place. The conference was attended by government officials, policy makers and healthcare providers from all over the middle-east.

The two day summit featured several workshops and the summit highlight was a panel discussion on HIT Transformations Affecting Healthcare (Healthcare Information Technology): Best Practices in US & UAE. The summit focused highly on automating the healthcare system to fuel its growth in the middle-east region.

According to recent news (Zawya) middle-east will face pressing healthcare challenges [2] that include lack of proper HIS infrastructure, urbanization and ageing population. It is also estimated that the healthcare budget would need to be substantially increased to $24.7 billion by 2035.

If however the inefficiencies in the healthcare system in middle-east are not resolved than the budget would increase exponentially. That is why in the recent healthcare summit in Dubai the core discussions were on usage of HIS and healthcare best practices through middle-east.

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These increasing expenditures make it necessary to automate the healthcare system in Middle-East. Document Management Systems like iDOX offer the highest value for least investments and are an integral part of healthcare industry. The iDOX DMS can offer the healthcare industry in Middle-East substantial benefits that include:

  • Integration with Electronic Records Management System at the hospital
  • Scalability and higher ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Workflow Solution
  • Integration with administrative and non-administrative functions of the hospital
  • Rich user experience with Web, Desktop and Smartphone interface.

iDOX DMS helps in creating a workflow which helps you standardize the operations in your hospital and increasing efficiency by many folds.

iDOX is your ultimate healthcare documentation solution. Schedule a demo today and get a firsthand look at the best document management system for your hospital. iDOX is available in three different packages that include iDOX Standard, iDOX Pro and iDOX Enterprise.

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The need for healthcare automation in Middle East has become a necessity because of the pressing healthcare challenges. In such a scenario healthcare automation with document management system can play an important role in making the healthcare industry efficient, productive and cut down on expenses. With benefits like integration with electronic records management, workflow solution and integration with hospital administrative & non-administrative tasks iDOX document management offers the most reliable healthcare automation solution.