iDOX as a Customized Application

iDOX as a Customized Application
In 19 February 2017 - Written By

iDox is a document management system that is made to guarantee a perfect user experience and that’s can be done by providing the enterprises with customized applications for users in order to enhance their experience in different ways.

In the following few lines, we will tackle these customized applications which are provided by iDOX software.

iDOX Web App

Now, with iDOX web app, you can manage your documents anywhere, anytime globally as it’ll guarantee you an easy importing of files to iDOX document management system, an easily search and retrieval for the documents from your repository, Optical Character Recognition “OCR”, sending emails, security for your documents, and an easily printing for your important documents.

iDOX Smart App

As we care for your time, we tend to make our services available anytime. So, we provide iDOX smart app for the smartphone users with multi features such as: document capture which enables you to take as much photographs of the documents as possible, numerous types of search (content search-index search-title search), a proper way to store documents and files, high-security for your documents, multilingual, and finally an easily URL change.

The Key Benefits of Implementing iDOX DMS in your Business

  • Program Management,
  • Technology Consulting,
  • Solution & Management,
  • Implementation & Training Support,
  • Service Level Management,
  • Hosting & Managed Services,
  • Integrated Business Solutions.


As details are everything, iDOX cares about details. You can see this obviously via our numerous customized applications.