iDOX – Your HR Automation Partner

iDOX – Your HR Automation Partner
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Organizations, Industries, Enterprises & Multinationals all have one thing in common and those are the internal functions that work together to sustain the whole operation. Think of each function working together as part of a bigger machine. The more efficient a function is the better the performance of the machine.

The Common Factor – Paper Documentation

So the point to ponder would be; what is that one common factor that each function has and how to improve it? The answer would be paper based documentation because whether it is Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Logistics, Accounting or Merchandising, every one of these utilizes paper documentation for daily tasks.

So how to make this whole paper based documentation process efficient and increase the overall productivity? Business Process Automation is the ideal and perfect solution to this problem. For our discussion we will talk about HR Automation, HR activities that can be automated and the overall effect it will have on the organization.

Think Big – Think HR Automation

Primarily a good document management system has the characteristics of integration with other enterprise software applications. iDOX Document Management not only integrates with Matrixel HRM but also with other ERPs and ECMs. Here is a general overview of what iDOX does to automate your business process:

  • The process starts with the import/capture of documents that are paper based or originate digitally (email, txt file) and indexing them
  • Then they are stored in a digital repository in a standard format, iDOX supports all file formats including Tiff, JPEG, PNG
  • Authorized users are given access to the digital repository though which they can read or edit the saved documents
  • Achieving documents that are sensitive and classified under non-editable files
  • Defining a proper workflow allows for a simpler access to information

Business Process Automation in this context helps in increasing the efficiency of paper based documentation process by converting it into digital format which helps in cutting down redundancies and significantly reducing the time for different processes.

“With Business Process Automation You Can Do More In Less Time”

Automation of HR Activities

HR is one of the most important functions of an organization and a lot of paper based documents are used in different activities pertaining to HR. Below diagram provides detailed information on how HR activities are automated with the help of iDOX DMS.

hr functions
To learn more about business process automation and iDOX Document Management System schedule a demo with us and let us help your organization become more efficient.


HR automation has started revolutionizing the human resource management business process which now helps employees do more in less time and at less cost. With HR automation your business function will see a positive impact on attendance management, employee records management, recruitment management, compensation & benefits management, onboarding and taxation. HR automation will help your organization eliminate paper associated with your HR business operation.