iDox … New Era of DMS

iDox … New Era of DMS
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As we used to tackle the importance of Document Management System and how it affects the sufficiency of work. Today, we will tackle in detail the iDox software, how it works, and the workflow of the documents:

iDox Document Workflow starts with scanning and importing, indexing, organizing and securing, annotations, version controlling, searching and retrieving, document contribution, and finally OCR,

This helps you in increasing work productivity and efficiency via decreasing time and cost, improving customer services, storing all the documents in one secure central electronic repository, and remaining competitive by increasing business intelligent,

Scanning and Importing Phase: With iDox, one can scan single and multiple documents, use documents separators (page count, barcode page, and blank page), and import files from folders

Indexing Phase: you can select auto incremental index field while scanning/importing, fill the meta data manually, use OCR for specific data, and retrieve data,

Organizing and Securing Phase: Here you have unlimited user defined trays (with colors), multiple repositories for documents storage, unlimited sub folders, multiple levels of security (user trays, repository, folder & sub folder, document), different types of privileges (import, annotate, print, and e-mail), and assign privileges for individual users or group users,

Document Annotation Phase: Here, one can add different types of annotations (line, circle, rectangle), add stamps and signatures, add bookmarks, and modify document (rotate, flip),

Version Control Phase: here one can enable/disable document versioning, edit image, check the old version anytime, and retrieve the old version anytime,

Searching and Retrieving Phase: one can search meta data, full text search, and save search for later usage,

Samples of Search Options

Document Contribution Phase: you can send the documents via mail, download it to the local machine, and share private trays with others,

Background OCR Phase: one can scan the content and search it,

Document Workflow Phase: there are actions that can be done before adding your documents like: approve, reject, and review. Also, you can comment before taking action,

Also, there are notifications (document added, modified, deleted, document expired), multi lingual (Ar/En), integrations (MS office, active directory, built-in script, cross-platform integration), and multi-platform (desktop, web, and smart app).

Now, you get the whole iDox process … Waiting you for any inquiries.