Importance of Digital Signature for any Business Processes

Importance of Digital Signature for any Business Processes
In 18 September 2016 - Written By

Nowadays, everything goes online and everything is automated. So, in the field of business, every business owner wants to accelerate the work process and ease it; which certainly will impact the sufficiency of the work, its quality, and increase the income.

Moreover, there is a new concept or term that entered the business process world. It called “Digital Signature”. But, before clarifying its meaning, firstly one shall know the difference between wet signature, electronic signature, and then digital signature.

1- Wet Signature

It is the normal type of signature that we all know. It is a paper-based process. Wet signature is the written type of signature that requires the presence of the person to sign the contracts, the invoices, and so on. It is not the suitable choice nowadays in such digitized world as it slows the workflow process via requiring the presence of the person and exchanging the papers.

2- Electronic Signature

It is the mechanism that is used in any electronic system to identify and verify the identity of the author. It may take the shape of a scanned signature of your hand writing or any other electronic stamp.

3- Digital Signature

This is a type of the electronic signature. It can be generated by the computer for strong authenticity verification. It helps in preventing doing any modifications of the document after the signature is generated. This allows one user to place a digital signature on a document, and many other users to verify that the signature is correct.

However, it is worth to mention that digital signature is one of the most secure type of electronic signature as it has the authority to ensure the validity of the signatory.


In the field of business and electronics, it is vital to use and search for any new method or technique to ease the work. However, there is a new term called “Digital Signature” which helps a lot in securing the documents and decrease the use of paper-based signature.