Indexing and SEO

Indexing and SEO
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It is the list of the entries or the data that is saved in a text format to be scanned through search algorithm. It is the other name for the database used by the search engine. It has all the information of the all the websites that the search engine can find. Index is vital for websites and search engines so that the users can find the website and search it. That’s why, it is important in easing the search process concerning the referenced data by the index. Index is used to have and include information –like keywords or Meta description– about each entry of the data. This consequently eases the needed searched data via the index instead of going through each file individually.

What is Search Engine Index?

It is the database that relates both: the keywords and the websites. It allows the search engine to show and display the website that matches the user’s search.

What is Web Indexing?

The online indexing or the web indexing is the process that allows you to have and find the information needed regarding a certain object. Like the index at the end of the book, the google index also includes the needed information about the words and their locations. So, while searching about a certain term, the Google index shows the proper result pages according to your need. It is important for organizing information.

Text Indexing

Text indexing and retrieval is the process or the mechanism or the data structure that is designed mainly to enhance the searching process. In other words, it is the process that eases, finds, and delivers sufficient answers and results concerning the availability and the existence of the needed pattern. Such process is an important process to enhance the speed and the performance while searching for a certain document.

Ways of Text Indexing

There are two ways of text indexing including: Text documents indexed by controlled terms and text documents indexed by uncontrolled terms. The controlled-term index or what is known as keywords, is the approach in which the indexer is responsible for choosing the suitable terms to index the documents. But it is a time-consuming process when the documents gets larger because this process is manually conducted. The other type is the text documents indexed by uncontrolled terms. It is a manual process and there is not an indexer that is responsible for choosing the terms. Here, the keywords are extracted automatically from the document.


Nowadays, Indexing is an important process for the search engine and easing the search process. In the previous few lines, we tackled the related important definitions and terms. So, feel free to contact our team or visit our website for more information.