Know more about Cognitive Computing

Know more about Cognitive Computing
In 18 December 2016 - Written By

Nowadays and after digitalizing everything, computers indulge in performing and doing each and every tiny thing in our daily life. But, there is a difference in the sufficiency of the outcome work between humans and computers as humans have brains; they think and deduce. That’s why the need for “Cognitive Computing” aroused.

Cognitive Computing is a mimic to human thought. It is a term that refers to the process of simulating human’s brain and how it works in a computerized model. It is a sort of self-learning systems aims to create an automated IT systems to handle tasks and problems via abiding certain mechanisms and algorithms without any aid from human’s side. Such system shall be fed up with the whole updated data and information to be able to shape it in a way that enables the system to foresee and expect the upcoming problems and tasks to be able to handle and fix it.

1- Why Cognitive Computing is Important?

  1. It helps in handling many problems in a total efficient way,
  2. It identify context feature such as location, time, and task,
  3. Provide massive information.

2- Features of any Successful Cognitive Computing

  1. Shall be adaptive to any change,
  2. Being interactive with other processors, people, and services,
  3. Ability to return previous information to use it while needed again,
  4. Understand and cope with different surrounding contextual.


Cognitive computing is a new approach that helps in easing the workflow and its productivity; if applied in a right way.