List of 6 Eco Friendly Products

List of 6 Eco Friendly Products
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What are the Eco Friendly Products?

Eco friendly products or environmentally friendly products are the products that don’t affect the environment badly and don’t harm it but keep it clean, green and healthy. Our today list of eco friendly products includes numerous types of such products that you can start using now and turn your life into a new eco friendly one.

In this article, iDOX is presenting a List of Eco Friendly Products to help you “GO GREEN and SAVE THE GREEN”.

List of Eco Friendly Products for Your Daily Life:

  • Bamboo desktop dry-erase to-do board: the first product in the list of eco friendly products is the bamboo to-do board which is a great alternative for the paper-based to-do list that you need to start using immediately to reduce the paper clutter and save the green.
  • Home cleaners: all home cleaners are so harmful to the environment. So, you can replace them with vinegar, salt, baking soda, lemon, organic olive oil, etc.
  • Electronic document management software: our list of eco friendly products includes the EDMS which is the greatest alternative for the paper-based documents that you can use in your company to reduce the usage of papers. “iDOX is a really easy-to-use EDMS”,
  • Eco laptop: maybe it’s impossible for some to get rid of their computers for the sake of nature. However, some companies create computers that are less harmful to the environment, iameco for example, they provide a computer with a wooden frame, a computer that provides 70% less CO2 and reduces fresh water utilization by 75%,
  • Office equipment: turn your office into an environment-friendly one by replacing the electronic paper shredder with an eco friendly one which uses no electricity, don’t harm the environment and saves the planet,
  • Recycled trash bin: replace the trash bin or trash can that you use in the home or office with another 100% recycled plastic one.

Above, iDOX blog provided a list of eco friendly products that includes 6 essential products.