Make sure that your Digital-Document Office is Efficient

Make sure that your Digital-Document Office is Efficient
In 17 May 2017 - Written By

As we tackled before the importance of transforming from a paperless office into a digital-document one and how it will enhance your business and pave the way to efficiency and profit increment. Today, iDox will tackle a total vital point which is how to ensure the sufficiency of your digital transformation after implementing the suitable document management software. Let’s see:

  • How quickly you can find and capture a document? Are you still need to print dozens of copies or the used content management system can do the rest and it saves the consumed time in capturing, searching, and handling the documents,
  • The Approval Process: this is a total important factor that ensures that the enterprise content management system that you use is an efficient one. If you touch the speed in your workflow and how quick the approval process is done, this is a good digital paperless office,
  • Getting the Document back: to be able to retrieve the stored documents whenever needed is a good indicator that you implement a sufficient digital transformation.

Implementing a successful digital transformation and become a paperless office is not only good for accelerating work process, but also it increases the profit and ROI.