A Paperless Office – What Every Office Should Do

A Paperless Office – What Every Office Should Do
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Document Management System has been in the industry since the 80s and although in those early days the functionality of DMS wasn’t evolved, it has since. More and more companies are moving to a paperless environment primarily because of social responsibility and because of the huge cost savings it offers.

It is estimated that on average companies spend $25, 000 for a 4 drawer filing cabinet and around $2000 to maintain it.

Now, Imagine if you can cut down this cost to 1/4th and eliminate the maintenance cost completely. A document management system like iDOXSoft can help you achieve all that. However apart from a world renowned document management system in your organization there are certain aspects that can help your office go paperless completely.

Cloud Storage – Accessibility Anytime Anywhere

Cloud Storage has grown significantly over the past few years. Merrill Lynch in 2011 predicted that the market for cloud computing & storage would be worth $160BN. Now, however it is significantly bigger with figures ranging in trillions of dollars worldwide.

1 TB can hold up to 1 Million files consisting of 1 MB file Size Each

Documents can be stored easily on cloud if you have proper software applications that not only scans the document but also help you store them. Increase in cloud storage and the evolution of technology that helps you store more on less size has been the major reason why companies are now opting for document management solutions.

E-Readers & Flexible Screen Tech

E-readers are becoming common in almost every industry. Hospitals are one of the emerging industries where e-readers are commonly being deployed and used. In hospitals, patient beds used to have paper based charts but now they are being replaced with e-readers where doctors and medical personals can view patient records within seconds. The main data center is usually located either in the hospital itself or a cloud storage service.

The Flexible Screen technology was once a theory conceptualized in movies only. However the technology has evolved at a rapid pace and this technology is now used as a compliment with document management systems.

mobile screen
Mobile Technology – Access on the Go!

Research suggests that there are 1.4 billion smartphone users in the world with 798 Million Android users, 294 Million Apple Users and 45 Million Windows users. So what’s the best way to provide all these people access to their documents? A Smartphone would be the ideal choice.

We had a sit down with Director of Sales & Marketing of a prestigious organization with operations spanning throughout Middle-East. His job requires him to travel a lot and it is nearly impossible for him to get presentations and documents from all departments of the company in paper format. We asked him how he manages to stay updated with all those reports when most of his time is spent in travelling. His answer was iDOX. The one document management system available on mobile, web and desktop. With this DMS he is able to view, edit, sign and approve documents within minutes.

Adopting a document management system that supports mobile technology can help you cut down on paper and within months your office can become paperless.

The Attitude – Move From Physical To Digital

Technology can only take you so far, it’s the attitude of your workforce that needs to change. There have been many failures in the past when it comes to document management system and almost all the time, the blame went to a workforce that wasn’t willing to adapt to the new technology.

A proper change needs to be introduced to ensure that your investment in document management technology yields the highest return in the least amount of time.

iDOX Document Management System

iDOX Document Management System has three different packages to suit every organization level. iDOX Standard, Pro and Enterprise versions are designed keeping all the above elements in check and ensuring that our support team provides your business assistance every step of the way.

Our Extensive & Robust Training Sessions are designed to help all employees in your organization learn and adapt iDOX in their daily office routine tasks. Here is a small breakdown of how iDOX Document Management System can help your business in reducing paper usage, time and cost.

document management data

Going paperless can have extensive benefits for your organizations that include positive impacts on efficiency, productivity, costs and social responsibility. In order to have a paperless office the organization must opt for several changes that include implementing a document management system like iDOX, moving to cloud storage, introducing e-readers and tech screens, mobile tech and a change program that encourages employees to move from physical to digital.

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