Problems of using Paper for HR Management

Problems of using Paper for HR Management
In 14 March 2016 - Written By

HR management is one of the most departments which use paper such as contracts, vacations requests, certificates and contract termination, and this causes some problems, such as:

Large areas of storage

Paper documents need large space which increases the set budget for HR department and paying a lot of money while there are many expired files are not being used.

The difficulty of access to documents

Due to random storage operation of paper documents and files, the access to documents became so difficult and wastes working hours without benefits. Electronic document management systems solve this problem by scanning documents and archived it digitally so it can be retrieved again through some key words.

Lack of documents confidentiality

Files and paper documents exposed easily to penetration as a result of its presence in one place and the lack of back-up where different people could access to documents and know confidential information in some cases.

Ease of documents damaging

Paper documents are exposed to many risks such as burning or different weather factors, which increases the rate of destruction at any time and increase losses.

The need to move to access documents

Paper documents requires need the employment to be inside the organization to obtain required document also lead to documents transfer between a large number of employees, while the document management systems enable employee access to documents from anywhere inside or outside of the organization.

Problems of contract termination

When the contract expired, employee request to get back his paper from the HR department, in this case the employee facing many problems, such as loss of certificates and documents which related to him and this affects the company and HR works.


HRM use daily huge numbers of paper documents, which force it to face many problems that affect the organization and the performance of the various works.