Relation between AP Automation and Revenue Rate

Relation between AP Automation and Revenue Rate
In 5 February 2017 - Written By

It is worth to mention that the main goal of any business is to achieve the highest possible revenue ever. But, most of the managers and business owners get panic regarding any tiny change in their workflow as they usually think that any “change” will affect the revenue. On the contrary, they are not aware of the lots of benefits that they may lose if they do not adopt the new techniques or methods like Accounts payable automation.

As automation and going digital/paperless become the main trend in almost all aspects of life, automation also reached the transactions between the company and its suppliers. This is exactly what is meant by AP automation or “Accounts Payable Automation”. So, in the following, iDox will tackle the importance of AP automation:

  1. Save Time: the process of automation itself and going paperless save a lot of time. As instead of wasting time in searching among dozens of papers, now by a simple click on a button you can find the needed data or information,
  2. Improve Sufficiency of Work: AP automation works parallelly with document management software to enhance the outcome service/product as everything has a record and can be monitored, controlled, and retrieved while needed,
  3. Ease the Financial Transactions: to ensure a good relation between you and your supplier, so you have to guarantee an easy communication when it comes to “payment”,
  4. Reduce Risk Rate: it has an authorized access to the authorized users only, so this will reduce the risk rate as everything is monitored.


To improve your work and guarantee having a prefect outcome product/service, you have to be aware of the available techniques and methods … AP automation is one of them. Stay tuned for more!