The Scanning Project In A Document Management System

The Scanning Project In A Document Management System
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So you have decided to take your organization paperless by incorporating an electronic document management system. The first and foremost thing you need to do is to strategize and plan on how to bring about the paperless revolution in your organization.

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What you must understand is that change takes time; it’s not going to be that on Monday you incorporate a DMS and on Tuesday you expect everyone to use it and then there is the scanning part. Every DMS cycle starts with the capturing process whereby you convert your paper documents into digital format.

So How To Convert Your Paper Documents Into Digital Format For Your Document Management System?

The answer is simple but the process is a bit tricky and requires dedication. You use a scanning device or a camera to capture the image of the document and store it digitally. Camera is usually not recommended because of its limitations but some applications that have a mobile interface offer the option of capturing a document using phone camera.

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So here is what you need to have before you start the capturing process for your document management system. A scanner that has a sheet feeder and a device duplexer is the best option for you; if you go for a flatbed scanner then you can say goodbye to the whole scanning project because if you have thousands of paper documents it will take months to scan them all. Other than a scanner you will also need storage space because scanned documents can take up a lot of space depending on the resolution and dots per inch (DPI).

The Size & The Storage Dilemma

Usually monochrome (Black & White) documents take up less space and their ideal scanning DPI is 300 whereas for colored documents the DPI is 600 and the image sizes can vary and go up to 5MB – 10 MB per file. If however you believe that storage cost is high for your organization then you can always use a reliable cloud service including Microsoft & Google with as low as $0.026.

Tag It Or Loose It

With every file storage you need to properly tag it so that at a later stage during the retrieval process you are easily able to retrieve it using keywords and other search perimeters. Also once you tag your files you need to define a proper workflow structure to ensure that at the end a novice user is also able to easily understand the structure of file storage and retrieve it easily.

Keep in mind all these simple aspects when you start a scanning project for your DMS implementation. Learn more about the iDOXdocument management system and stay tuned for some more updates.


In order to introduce a paperless revolution a document management system needs to clear all the paper related backlog of the organization. This is where the scanning project of document management system starts, paper documents are scanned, indexed and stored in iDOX DMS. The employees can then access these documents with power search using keywords and Meta to retrieve them, make changes and even retire them. A systemized scanning of all the documents needs to be adapted by the organizations to ensure that documents are stored in a structured format.