Difference between Service Level Management & Service Level Agreement

Difference between Service Level Management & Service Level Agreement
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What is Service Level Management (SLM)?

While purchasing a service from a service provider, some of them provide a service level management support that guarantees the quality of the service (QoS) provided. This is called SLM.

Importance of Using Service Level Management:

You as a service purchaser have to ask for such support as it monitors and manages the service, make sure that the achievable performance fulfills your expectations, apply appropriate actions while needed, and produce significative reports.

What is Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

As for Service Level Agreement, it’s the contract that includes all the agreements regarding the service between the customer and the service provider. It documents the provided service in detail, the duration of the service, the cost, the payment method, and many others.

Importance of Using Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement is used to ensure both customer and the service provider rights as it obliges the service provider to provide the customer with the agreed service and compensate for the defects; if happened. Also, it obliges the customer to pay the agreed cost in time and to abide the whole agreement.

That’s why iDOX provides such support while providing its document management services in order to maintain the rights of both the customer and the entity.