The Storage Dilemma In Document Management System

The Storage Dilemma In Document Management System
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Document Management System coverts your paper documents into digital format however the storage problem still remains. Granted that now you don’t have to store your paper based documents in file cabinets; you still have to store the digital documents somewhere. That somewhere is the hard disk drive on a server.

In-House or Cloud?

Typically the problems related to digital storage occur when document files reach up to hundreds of thousands while constantly increasing. There are two primary ways to tackle this problem; either you do a significant investment in your IT infrastructure or go for cloud storage. We will discuss both of these options in further detail.

In-House Setup – Peace of Mind

Digital document storage depends on the size of the file. A file scanned on higher resolution/DPI will be larger in size as compared to a low resolution/DPI file. Similarly a monochrome document will be smaller in size as compared to a colored document.

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The size is usually the deciding factor but for most organizations that a limited number of paper documents the in-house option is good. A onetime investment in some IT equipment and an IT support engineer is enough for a small and medium sized enterprise.

Moreover an in-house setup guarantees more security as you will have total control over your IT system. Whether you want to implement it on local area network or a wide area network the in-house setup for document management is sufficient.

Cloud Setup – Economical, Secure & Compatible

The storage dilemma arises with large enterprises where documents can go into hundreds of thousands with a constant increase on daily basis. Insurance, Tax & Banking agencies are the perfect example where such dilemmas are common. The best solution is to hire a scanning agency and opt for a cloud storage plan. The scanning agency will have different types of scanners and a whole workforce solely dedicated to scanning the documents.

Cloud storage has become quite popular in the last few years and is quite affordable. I am sure everyone uses Microsoft SkyDrive or Google Drive both offer free storage up to a certain limit. If you want more you will have to pay a small amount. This is the whole concept of cloud storage with thousands of servers in data warehouses.

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Which Is Better?

Going for an in-house setup will be illogical for an enterprise even if they have a good IT setup because the overall operational cost will increase substantially. The optimal solution will be cloud storage besides many cloud storage companies specifically cater to document management clients are their systems are compatible with almost all Document Management Systems.

iDOX Document Management System is commonly used by many organizations in the middle east and globally. It can work as a desktop application, smartphone app and web application. Using cloud storage you can have access to your document anywhere anytime.


Even though you have a document management system that makes your organization paperless, many large organizations face the challenge of introducing a large scale IT infrastructure to the cater to the DMS requirements. If an organization wants to eliminate cabinets as well as limit the amount of IT infrastructure within their organization then the best solution is to opt for cloud storage. Your organization would be linked to a data warehouse where u can easily manage your documents while sitting at the office.