Transition From Information Silos To Document Management

Transition From Information Silos To Document Management
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Business operations have evolved over the years and it has become a necessity for all types of businesses to have fast access to relevant information that helps them in effective decision making and gaining competitive edge in the market.

The Problem – Unorganized Documents

However when we analyze different businesses realistically we come across the major issue of unorganized information in the form of content and documents lying across different computers, networks and servers.

Every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of the civilization to until 2003

(Eric Schmidt)

Moreover information silos still exist in many organization making it difficult to integrate different departmental operations and activities with inadequate information sharing between departments.

90% of all the data in the world came into existence in the last two years


Why Not An ERP Solution

In a typical organization we come across electronic documents scattered in different folders and sub-folder throughout the network unless there is a power ERP in the works which solves the whole problem. Having an ERP can solve the issue of disorganized data and fast information access but it is highly expensive, requires a team of IT professionals to manage it and there are better alternatives if you are simply looking to organize your documents.

Hurdles To Workforce Productivity

Unorganized documents can create hurdles for your organization and limit the productivity of the workforce. Studies show that “On average an employee spends 20% to 40% of their time in searching the documents manually (Coopers & Lybrand)”.

Another study reveals that “Professionals spend 50% of their time searching for information and 18 minutes on average to locate it (Gartner)”. All this time, effort, energy impacts productivity and efficiently of an employee but hindering their important tasks.

The Information Silo Problem

Organizations majorly face the issue of providing fast and complete information to different departments and employees within the organization. Plus, the problem of security arises and unauthorized user access becomes a big issue and sometimes create irreversible severe consequences.

The Solution – iDOX Document Management System

iDOX enterprise document management system simply eliminates information silos and offers gradual transition towards document management from anywhere in the world whilst providing the highest security standards. iDOX document management system is quite different from other document management system in that it provides not only the core features (Scanning, Indexing, Storage & Retrieval) but also advanced enterprise features.

iDOX enterprise DMS climbs through the hurdles and provides a bridge between business systems, departments and operations. Employees can accesses information within seconds both within the organization and in the field making the decision process shorter and easier.

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With the evolving needs of the business and the requirement of fast access to relevant documents it has become necessary for businesses to shift from information silos to document management systems. Information silos often created problems when data was required quickly and in organized manner and that’s where the document management systems excelled and started replacing them. iDOX document management helps organizations transition from information silos to a solution that manages your documents in a fast and efficient manner.

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