Types of Document Management Systems

Types of Document Management Systems
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Today, document management systems become one of the main pillars for the success and any development for the company so you have to know the main types of document management systems and available software to recognize its properties and find the extent of use with the company’s IT infrastructure and mechanisms.

Web application

This application is one of the most important applications used to manage the various types of documents at any time and any place where you can access the documents from anywhere over the Internet, either through the company intranet or from any device and this application also includes securing all the documents by placing some restrictions either for browsing or editing by unauthorized users.


Client server

This type of systems has more privacy, where the use of a certain server by linking it with devices. This type requires development and modernization to keep up with the needs of the company and completion of the work by the best form.



This type is characterized by stores all data and information for documents and files by using specific programs such as Oracle and SQL, where you can access any document through specific links.


Cloud Hosting

This system is the latest developments which reached by the various document management systems where the possibility of storage remotely without need for servers inside the company but it requires to pay a monthly fee.



Now you can choose the right document management system for your business to achieve your desired goals by the best form through an integrated system which helps you to organize document management process through specific characteristics that consistent with the requirements of your company.