Why Use Document Management System Rather Than Network Drive

Why Use Document Management System Rather Than Network Drive
In 20 February 2015 - Written By

In all small, medium and large scale enterprises there is extensive local area networking to connect, control and secure the use of all individual computers within that organization. Almost always there is a secure path to a network drive where employees store all types of data.

At first glance, the use of network drives to store documents might seem a plausible solution but it’s not. You will soon find the whole network storage drive a complete mess with no structure and protection against internal misusage. Placing your documents and PDFs on network drive without any structure is just like a messy electronic file cabinet.

The Structure Problem & Solution

When it comes to storing documents on the network drive the biggest problem is structuring. Take an example of an organization that has 100 employees who save all types of files (Word, Image, PDF, Excel, PPT & More) on the network drive. The employees will spend half of their time searching for it in all that mess.

A document management system offers structure along with proper indexing options to store, manage and retrieve your documents. In iDOX DMS you simply open the application and put some keywords that you think were in the document, press enter and you will get the document in seconds. This not only saves times but also eliminates the mess.

The Versioning Problem & Solution

Versioning refers to the revisions that are made to different documents over time. Documents are reviewed from time to time by different employees who make changes to the document. If the document is placed on a network drive you don’t have control of who can edit your document and make changes to it. Most of the time any change made to a document is overwritten on the previous version and if you want to access it you can’t.

The iDOX document management system solves this problem by providing a built-in-feature of versioning. Any changes made to a document using a DMS are recorded and documents are versioned ensuring that anyone who makes the change is properly logged, has access and the documents versions are saved.

The Security Problem & Solution

Security is a big concern when storing files on network drive. Anyone who has access to the network including a guest user can copy and misuse confidential documents. In the past many organizations have suffered because of losses created by unreliable network security.

iDOX document management software solves this problem by implementing its own industry tested security protocols whereby documents are secured with proper backups as well as the features of authorized user access.

At a very small scale where an organization consists of 5-10 employees, a network storage drive is a viable option however as the workforce increase so does the need for having an application that helps in providing structure, indexing, security and versioning to your documents.

iDOX document management system offers all these features and more. Get your online demo today and understand how your documents get the best care with the best DMS software in Middle-East.


Many organizations opt for storing documents on a network drive because within an organization there is an infrastructure for intranet or as we call it LAN. Employees store their documents on this network drive and other employees can access it, change it or even delete it. There is no structure and that is why a document management system is the best solution because it offers control, security and store changes made. Organizations now realize the proper ROI of a DMS and many are already in the process of implementing them within the organization.