Users shall be On Board with your Work Optimization

Users shall be On Board with your Work Optimization
In 22 January 2017 - Written By

As we tackled previously the importance of getting your employees used to the transformation from a paper-based office to a paperless one, and how to prepare them to deal with such digital optimization. Today, we will tackle the importance of preparing your clients with such workflow process optimization; as client is the core of any business’ success.

Also, it shall be taken into consideration that many clients get hesitated and afraid from any tiny change in their life, so can you imagine their reaction concerning such a radical change in their business? Client used to be a paper-based person who wants to check invoices and documents. So, from a business wise approach, you shall simplify things to the user/client via the following below steps to be able to accept the paperless change:

1- Explain and Spread Awareness: In this phase, the user/client needs to understand each and every tiny thing to guarantee that such paperless transformation and using document management software and enterprise content management software will not affect the sufficiency of the received product and how it will affect work productivity. So, you shall have a team of professionals that can explain to the client every step and show how such software will add value to the delivered service. Not only that but also show that the client will easily can monitor and control everything,

2- Having a Clear Vision: The client shall touch and feel secure. So, you shall have a clear vision to apply and have answers to all the clients’ questions like: who is involved in such transformation process? How the data will be monitored? What about archive and retrieve? And many other questions that may be asked by the client.


Before taking the initiative and adapting the paperless-based office, you as a business owner have to train your team well to guarantee that they will spread the awareness to the clients regarding such radical change and using document management software and have the ability to show how it is vital for business’ productivity.