What about Document Lifecycle?

What about Document Lifecycle?
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Document life Cycle

Everything in this world has a start point and an ending one. This process called a “lifecycle”. So, what about the lifecycle of the documents?

First Phase: Before Automation

When the document is created, here comes the next step of transforming the document into a digital format via using the OCR techniques. Then, one can index or catalogue the data. After that, the data can be managed and stored with high accessibility.

Second Phase: Automation

It is all about accessing the data, retrieving it, repurposing or re-versioning, sharing, and finally secure transformation.

Third Phase: After Automation

Here, the data can be printed, while the old data can be retained. On the other hand, you can dispose the data if you do not need it. While if the document is a valuable one, it passes a “preservation” step.


Scanning, indexing, storage, and retrieval are the main stages of any lifecycle of a document.