What’s the difference between iDOX Windows and the IDOX Mobile Client

What’s the difference between iDOX Windows and the IDOX Mobile Client
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Any organization needs a DMS (Document management system) to manage and digitalize its documents and optimize business processes. In this era where availability of right information at right time is important, organizations needs document management system that contain features which can be used on Smart Devices to increase mobility and agility.


iDOX DMS is the ideal system for your business because it gives you a wide set of features to optimize your organization performance as listed below:


 iDOX Client Features:

  • Multilingual GUI that includes Arabic and English and many others.
  • Email interface for attaching documents and sharing.
  • A user friendly interface for attaching documents and sharing.
  • Document confidentiality.
  • Content – based search for documents.
  • Notifications for the users for special events or document expiry.
  • Automatic versioning and audit trails.
  • Scan facility for files and OCR.
  • Folder Management.
  • Repository Management.
  • Real Time Physical Files Storage Management
  • Smooth Document Capturing.
  • Document Work Flow


In addition to the wide sets of services iDOX offers, it also provides you with an additional feature that guarantees you agility and mobility which is iDOX smart app for your smartphone.


iDOX Smart App

iDOX smart app offers you a wide set of features that you can access through your Smart Devices  which are listed below.


iDOX Smart App Features:

  • Document captureEasily take photograph of a document
  • Multiple search typesContent type search, index search, title search
  • Repository structure
  • High securityAll documents are protected with high security features.
  • MultilingualEnglish, Arabic and more.
  • URL changeEasily change URL and Flash application.




iDOX Client and iDOX Smart App work together to give you the best possible performance. Your employees will be able to access the features of iDOX DMS from outside the office which will give them more agility. This will help your business expand vastly and produce effective results. While IDOX Smart App guarantees the expansion and agility of your business, iDOX DMS guarantees the best performance for your organization which gives it a solid base for expansion. The two platforms together are guaranteed to help your business reach unprecedented levels of success.