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An Insight Into Idox

Ever felt that your business and organization spends a tremendous amount of money on paper, its storage and maintenance, the same money that can be used to improve other business processes. You are not the only one, thousands of organizations all over the world are switching from paper to document management systems. They are cutting down on paper to track and manage these items efficiently by incurring the least amount of expenses. Moreover companies want security for their confidential documents and many businesses are going mobile so they want access to important reports on the go, anytime and anywhere. All these factors have pushed the organizations to opt for DMS application solutions.

What Is A Document Management System?

The DMS is a software application that stores, manages and tracks all sorts of electronic documents. Think of the DMS application as a complete package that eliminates paper from your organization by providing document imaging options (OCR), workflow management, digital asset management and records management. Plus you can keep a track of these items and their revisions conducted by each and every user. The document management software has been in play since the 1980s but they were either difficult to use, didn’t offer the value for investment or the applications didn’t offer the functionalities that organizations were looking for.

However, now it’s a different story as most of the organizations have expanded hugely, many of them working in manufacturing and service based industries. Paper in these industries is used extensively and storing them is a huge problem and this is where the document management system comes into play. Simply take the example of a US based government organization like IRS which has to deal with all sorts of tax forms. Now imagine the population of United States and the tax forms that they submit, it will take several warehouses to store all those forms year and year around. That’s why such organizations now use document management software where everything is stored electronically on cloud based servers and the data is available all year around anytime and anywhere.

Components of Document Management System

Every DMS application is designed differently but they offer similar functionality more or less. Primarily there are several major components of a documents management software that are common in all DMS applications industry wide. iDOX DMS also consists of these components but what makes it unique is its adaptability to every industry; we will discuss all about iDOX later in this article. For now let’s focus on the different, commonly used components of any DMS application.

Imaging: This is the first major component of any document management system which involves creating an electronic copy of a document. Now, basically your business already has many digital files which can simply be added to the DMS application but the non-digital files in the form of paper can only be loaded to the system through a scanning device. This whole process is called Imaging and is an essential part of any DMS

Document Management (Storage & Indexing): Once you have loaded all your documents, paper based or otherwise, the next step is document management which is simply storing these items. Based on the size of the organization the storing process can be simple or complex, your business might need to opt for cloud based hosting or if your organization has a strong IT infrastructure than in-house hosting is a plausible option. One major aspect of this component is indexing. Indexing helps in the retrieval process by allocating unique identification or metadata. One thing you need to be careful about is that if your company has a large amount of documents than a proper indexing topography should be devised.

Retrieval: Once all documents are stored and indexing has been completed then your documents are safe and secure. Now if you want to view/edit some document then the retrieval process starts whereby a query is lodged and the system processes the query and shows the relevant document. The query process simply involves matching the query with specific metadata or some unique identification number/word. The feature of OCR helps in retrieval process as well by recognizing the characters from some paper based document and matching it with some specific file in the system.

Exchange / Integration: One of the most important features that every document management software must have is its ability to adapt to the changing needs of any organization. The more adaptable and flexible the DMS is, the more value it will offer to your organization. A desirable DMS application has the characteristic of integrating with other information management systems to exchange data with legacy systems and all sorts of databases.

iDOX DMS – A New Direction For The Next Generation

iDOX Document Management System offers the most unique experience to its users. It is highly flexible and easily integrates with all information management systems. With hundreds of features, your business can now become paperless within days and improve its overall efficiency and productivity by atleast half while hugely cutting down on office stationary costs.

“Make Smarter Decisions With Simple Solution”

iDOX Enterprise Document Management System integrates and adapts to your business needs, automates business processes and helps in achieving organizational goals by managing all documents and providing you real-time accurate data for making smart decisions.

iDOX DMS automates a complete document life cycle that encompasses creation, storage, retrieval and retirement. The application facilitates automatic versioning with every check-in and check-out of documents. The user can view the entire document history, retrieve older versions of the document and compare two versions of a single document through a single interface.

“Let iDOX Manage Your Documents For You”

iDOX facilitates tracking of changes on published documents through electronic change requests. It supports advanced search facility based on criteria such as Meta and Content, offers both permanent destruction and archival of unused documents. iDOX DMS thus helps in reducing cost on paper & stationery minimizing the risk of delay in request approval process with an inbuilt robust workflow.

iDOX Features:

iDOX has been designed with a business perspective by consulting both Small and Large Enterprises to ensure all types of business needs are met by the system making sure industry standards are maintained.

    • Multilingual GUI (English, Arabic & More)
    • Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere
    • View Your Documents On The Go
    • Handles Complete Document Life Cycle
    • E-mail Interface For Sharing Documents With External Parties
    • User-Friendly Interface
    • Assigning Tasks & Track Task Status
    • Document Confidentiality
    • Search Documents By Meta & Content
    • Special Events Notifications
    • Automatic Versioning & Audit Trails
    • Advanced Search Using Different Criteria
    • Scan Facility For Files & OCR
    • Folder Management
    • Repository Management
    • Easy Adaptation & Implementation
    • Easy Training & Professional Certifications
    • Learn Helpful Tips At Every Stage

iDOX Benefits:

Whether you are running a small business or an enterprise, the competitive marketplace demands a significant investment in technology. iDOX guarantees a quick and positive return on your investment by offering the most reliable, flexible, adaptable and unique solution with hundreds of features and benefits.

    • Paperless Office
    • Environment Friendly
    • Reliable & Cost Effective Document Storage
    • Quick Document Retrieval Using Advanced Search Option
    • Cut-Down Paper & Stationary Costs
    • Single Repository For All Files
    • Audit Documents
    • Seamless Integration With Enterprise Solutions
    • Integration With MS Office Suite For Faster Archival Of Electronic Files
    • Integration With MS Office Outlook To Archive Emails
    • Controlled Distribution & Sharing Of Documents
    • Backup & Recovery For Disaster Management
    • Unmatched Security For Confidential Information
    • Version Control & History Maintenance Ensures Protection Of Original Data
    • Comprehensive Content & Metadata Management Ensures Faster Document Search

All businesses have different needs when it comes to document management. Some organizations simply want to eliminate paper to become environment friendly, some want to manage and store their content securely in an efficient manner and yet others want access to their documents on the go. iDOX Document Management System has a solution for every business.