iDox Web Scanning

Did you ask yourself before in our daily work How Many clicks does it take to scan your document?


With our Web scanning module in iDOX you will:


• Reduce the amount of time spent in the scanning and capturing process.
• Produce metadata along with an image file, and/or OCR text.
• Capture the content of this paper forms and get it into DMS.
• Add Value to the Business.
• Assisted auto fields & data entry OCR.
• Eliminating third Party web scan Function.
• No additional cost.


Our module “ Web Scanning” It gives you 4 options to reduce the time, effort and errors that can occur when copying a large number of papers:


1- Copy all the paper into a single document.
2- Copy each sheet in a separate document.
3- Separation of documents by means of dividers which may be”bar Code, Blank Page, Pages Count”.
4- Use two separators if separating two files in the same document.

Initial view with scanning type and repositor selection option
Initial view with scanner icon in folder liting area
Inital scanning view with iScan pluggin download option