iDOX Smart App

Manage Documents On The Go!

Document Capture

Easily take photograph of document

باقة لكل نوع من الأعمال
باقة لكل نوع من الأعمال
Multiple Search Types

Content Type Search, Index Search, Title Search

فهرسة النصوص بالكامل 64 64
فهرسة النصوص بالكامل
Repository Structure

Proper Folders, Documents & Files

Repository Structure 64 63
Repository Structure
نظام أمني صارم 64 64
نظام أمني صارم
Highly Secure

Documents Protected With High Security Features

واجهة المستخدم متعددة اللغات 64 64
واجهة المستخدم متعددة اللغات

English, Arabic & More

URL Change 64 71
URL Change
URL Change

Easily Change URL & Flash Application

iDOX Smart App

Get Access To Your Documents On Smartphone

Smart App iDOX Soft

Key Benefits

  • Access to repository on smart phones
  • Capture image through Smart Phone and transfer into iDOX Smart App
  • Integrated security
  • Collaboration
  • Used on Multiple Platforms

With the highly interactive iDOX Smart App, one can move around with the entire repository in the pocket. One can access the repository through the Smart Phones as well as create documents on the go by simply taking a picture through the Smart Phone camera.

The image captured from the Smart Phone goes through the unique OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature after which the image is digitized and easily searchable through the search option.