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iDOX Desktop:

  • The Ability to change iDOX Reports Logo, which can be accessed from the Logo Tab within Settings Screen
  • Added a new scanning feature that allows bulk scanning of files to existing documents based on a pre-defined capture profile, To access the feature:


  1. An administrator has to define a capture profile where he selected the position of the index field that will be used for identifying each file with a document
  2. he can also define a separator within the capture profile, if he wishes to use the capture profile as a separator
  3. A user can access the scan form by clicking at Scan to an existing document which will appear when the arrow on the scan button is clicked


  • Enhanced UI in the edit mode where the view buttons and the actions buttons (such as delete, email) have been grouped together
  • Added the ability to move pages up and down within both PDF and Tiff Files

iDOX Web:

  • Enhanced the UI for the main screen to be similar to the desktop edition which resulted in a enhanced performance when the page is opened after repository selection
  • Users can now filter the tree of folders by right click>filter. Also they can expand/group the tree from the right click.
  • Added dashboard similar to the desktop one and will appear to users with proper permission
  • Added Enhanced Searching functionality on the search screen which includes the search by using operators functionality.



  • We have added extra functionalities that allows the application to be minimized to Tray and to run on start-up of windows if the proper settings are selected.


We have also published completely new help files that will appear with this update and it will cover almost 90% of functionalities within iDOX Desktop, we would like from you to have a look at it and provide your feedback if possible(you can run the help files by clicking on help from desktop edition).  We are also going to update this help file to include missing features such as workflow documentation ,iDOX Web and the new Bulk Scanning.


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