iDOX Version

iDOX Version
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iDOX Desktop:

  • Security form has been divided into two tabs for users and organizational units.
  • Security form performance has been enhanced significantly.
  • Introducing “Annotations security”. Users can now set security for annotations.
  • Introducing “Documents Copy” feature. Users are now able to copy documents.
  • Introducing “Record Management” feature. by creating new record management rule, iDOX is able to move documents to specific container. (iUtility application is needed).
  • Introducing “Barcode” feature. Every file in iDOX can have a barcode to allow searching for it using a barcode scanner.
  • Introducing “Image Editing” option in full viewer. With this option users can perform advanced image processing on any file.
  • Introducing “Arabic OCR” for scan and capture profiles.
  • iDOX is now able to detect blank(empty) pages and delete them when user choose to do so. Blank pages sensitivity can be set by users.
  • Enhanced UI and data validation when importing new documents.



iDOX Web:

  • Enhance tree view for repository folders, document types and personal trays items.
  • Audit Trail report.
  • Security view similar to desktop app for all repository folders, document types, personal tray items, documents and its attachments.
  • New administration view(create/modify/delete) added for Repositories, Settings, Indices, Document Types, Categories, Storage, Notification, Session, Error Log and File Extension.
  • Common website integrated with iDOX web for administrative activities.


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